Getting started

When the app ‘GPS Orienteering’ is started for the first time after it has been downloaded from Google Play, an example map, an example course and an example result will be created, that will give you an idea of how the app works.

To run your first course you will either participate in an event or create you own course.

If you will participate in an event, then someone else has created and uploaded the course and you need to download it. For more info, see ‘Event/Participate in an event’.

If you want to create a course on your own and run it, then do the following:
1. You need a digital orienteering map that is calibrated. There are four main options (for mor info, see ‘App functions/Maps’):

  • The easiest why is to use a public map, that you can download with the app. List of public maps.
  • The second best alternative is if your club already has a georeferenced map for the app. Ask Check with the person who is responsible for maps in your club.
  • If your club does not have a georeferenced map, then it might have a digital orienteering map that you can georeference yourself, see ‘App functions/Maps’.
  • The last alternative it that you search for maps on the internet or scan a  paper map, that you georeference yourself.

2. Select ‘Courses’ and then ‘New course’. Add your control points and export a course map for printing, see ‘App functions/Courses’.

3. Now you are ready to run the course. Turn on the GPS in the smartphone. Select your course under ‘Race’ and wait until the GPS has contact and the accuracy is about 15 meter or better (is shown in top right corner). Put the smartphone on your arm, take your compass and paper map and move to the starting point. The app will beep at the starting point and the race is on.

4. Run to the control points, one by one. The app will punch and beep automatically when you reach the control points.

5. When you have reached the finish point, the result will be saved and you can see it under ‘Result’. For more info, see ‘App functions/All results’.