Bluetooth transfer

Bluetooth-transfer is an alternative to share files by uploading/download from the server. It can for example be useful if internet communication is missing.

Select ‘Transfer’ in the main menu using the options/submenu button.

The first time you will send information between two smartphones via Bluetooth you will have to pair them. Select ‘Share’ and accept request to turn on Bluetooth (if nopt already turned on). Select ‘Make discoverable’ under the ‘more’-menu’. One person selects ‘Connect a device’ and ‘Scan for devices’. Select the smartphone you want to pair with and then both persons have to accept pairing of the devices.

When the smartphones are paired and connected to each other, one can transfer files between them. Select which file to transfer by first select which type of file (map, course or result) to send and then click on the file you want to send.

Figure 1: Share files via Bluetooth