Under ‘Settings’ in the main menu you can set the following:

  • Name – your name is used when you create and change courses, run courses and edit maps. The name does not have to be unique, but if you are several runners running the same course, then it is good if you have different names.
  • Log interval – You can select how often you will get your position logged, between 1 and 30 seconds. A short interval (e.g. 1 second) gives an accurate route, but also a large result file, which takes longer time to load. The leg lengths can also be misleading, since the position from the GPS often is a bit noisy. A long interval (e.g. 20 seconds) on the other hand gives a less accurate route, since it contains fewer points. At normal running speed an interval of 3 seconds is recommended, that is about 10 meters between each log. Note the the log interval does not affect the automatic punching. Your current position is checked every second and you will get a log each time you punch, regardless of log interval.
  • Disable auto-start – the app punches automatically when you reach the control points. This can be inconvenient for the start point, for example at a training event, when you stand at the starting point and wait for the start signal. By disabling the auto-start you have to punch manually at the start point and in this way decide when the race shall start.
  • Keep display on – prevents the display from being automatically turned off during a race.
  • Gesture punching – the app supports manual punching by turning the phone back and forth. If you have problem with unintentional punching due to gestures, then you can disable gesture punching.
  • Zoom glass – the app supports multi-touch to zoom in maps etc. but some smartphones does not have support for multi-touch and thus need the zoom glass symbols.
  • Voice assistance- use voice messages during the race. You need a (english) speech synthesizer and the app helps you find one to install. If the installation fails the first time, then try again! You will get a voice message when you punch (e.g ‘Punched at 4′) and remaining time every 5th minute at rogaining races (e.g. ‘Remaining time 35 minutes’).