Event results

Select ‘Event results’ in the main menu to see a list of courses that have any result files. Note that the same course name can occur several times, but they all have different course codes.

If you would like to see the results for a course that is not in the list, for example a training event that you haven’t participated in, then download the results by selecting ‘Download results for course’ and enter the course code.

Click on the course to open the result table for the course. The table contains the results that are present on your smartphone.

A ‘M’ to the right means that the runner has punched manually. A ‘S’ means that the runner has used orienteering support.

Figure 1: Result table for the course ‘GpsO 3 april Lång’

Click on a result to see leg times etc.

In rogaining races the score for each runner is shown in the table. The runner with the highest score wins. If two runners have the same score, the runner with shortest time wins.

If you want to download the result for other runners, then select ‘Download results for course’. If you want to delete all downloaded results for the course, then select ‘Delete results’.