Orienteering is a fun sport, both training and competition! Some years ago I wanted to give myself and others the possibility to easily train orienteering och improve the orienteering skills. Therefore I developed the first version of the GPS Orienteerings app that lets you draw courses, run them and analyze the races afterwards, using the smartphone. We have for example used the app in my club OK Gränsen for both youths and adults. The app has been improved a lot since the first version, with new functions such as support for training events, import of courses, voice support, orienteering support during the race and replay of the race. And more functions are on its way!

Vincent Albagnac uses GPS Orienteering when teaching orienteering in school. He has made this educational video (in French): youtube.com/watch?v=TCQpD0QOs3o

I have received ideas and comments from several of you users, including:
- Jan Kocbach, WorldofO Leaderboards
- Peter Öberg, OK Hällen
- Eva Jurenikova och Tore Sandvik, Halden SK
- Gaston Mora Madrid, Orienta Gran Canaria
- Nils Pistora, Lunds OK
- Rob Fell, Orienteering Victoria
+ many others. Thank you all and please continue to bring your ideas and comments to me!

See you out there!
Ulf Ärlig