Free maps

  • GPS Orienteering

    The map shows public orienteering maps available for GPS Orienteering. The maps are free of charge. To download a public map, select ‘Download public map’ in the map meny in the app.

  • Create a map from MapAnt:
    You can easily create a map from MapAnt (currently Finland only) by following these simple steps:
    1. Open
    2. Select ‘Export’ and mark an area.
    3. Set ‘Zoom’ to 7, 8 or 9 to get a nice resolution on the map and set ‘Format’ to KML and press ‘Export’. The map will downloaded to your PC with the default name ‘MapAnt.kmz’.
    4. Rename the file to whatever name you want for the map (for example ‘Helsinki.kmz’) using a file browser.
    5. Copy the kmz-file to the folder ‘gpsorienteering\maps’ on your smartphone.
    6. Open the GPS Orienteering app and select the ‘Maps’ tab. Select the new map and accept to georeference the map using the kml-file.
    7. Done!

    Do you have a map that you want to publish for GPS Orienteering? Please contact!