Event result

You can compare results from a training event, both if you have run it yourself several times or if other runners have published their result.

You can see the results either on the web (https://gpsolobby.com/) or in the app.

  1. Open the course and select ‘View results’.
  2.  Your latest run is shown at the top and a table with all your results and all published results is shown below.
    - The results are shown in a table with the best result first.
    - ‘DSQ’ means disqualified. The result contains a ‘forced punch’.
    - ‘DNF’ means ‘Did not finish’. The race was aborted.
    - ‘S’ means that orienteering support was used
    - ‘M’ means that one or more control points were punched manually
    - ‘F’ means that one or more control points were ‘forced punch’, i.e. a manuel punch at a distance greater than 50 meters from the control point.
  3.  Click on a result to see leg times, route etc. See App functions/Result for more info.