Event result

You can compare results from a training event, both if you have run it yourself several times or if other runners have uploaded their result.

You can see the results either on the web (https://gpsolobby.com/) or in the app.

1. Select ‘Event result’ from the main menu. The courses having results are shown in the list. Note that there can be results from several courses with the same name, but in this case they have different codes,

2. Select the course that you are interested in. If the course is not listed, then you can select ‘Download results for course’ and enter the course code (8 characters), to donwload the results.

3. The results are shown in a table with the best result first. Select ‘Download results for course’ to download the result for other runners. In the table is shown if a runner has punched manually (M) or used orienteering support (S).

4. Click on a result to see leg times, route etc.