Participate in an event

If you will participate in an event you need to have the app, either the full version ‘GPS Orienteering’ or the free version ‘GPS Orienteering Run’, the course in the smartphone and a paper map with the course printed on it.

The person arranging the event needs to publish the course (and the map), so you can download it (see ‘Event/Create an event’). To download the course:

1. Get the QR code for the course or the 8 character course code via SMS, email or similar from the one arranging the event.

2. Select ‘Add course’ under ‘Courses’ and scan QR code or enter the 8 character code. The course (and the map) will now be downloaded to your smartphone.

3. You are now ready to run the course. Open the course and select ‘Run the course’. Make sure that you try to start the course within its opening hours. See App functions/Run a course for more info.

4. When you have run the course you can publish your result. Open your result and select ‘Publish’. You can select between uploading the complete result (leg times and route) or your punches only (leg times only).