Create an event

It is simple to arrange a training event with the GPS Orienteering app.

1. Create a course using the app, see ‘Getting started’ or ‘App functions/Courses’.

2. Upload the course by selecting ‘Upload’ when you have opened the course. The participants do not need to have the map in the app to run the course, but you can upload the map to make it available to others if you like. You find the function under ‘Maps/your map‘.

3. Give the course code (and map code) to the others through for example an email or SMS. You can copy the code and the name of the course using ‘Copy code’ when you have opened the course and paste it into an SMS, email, tweet or similar.

4. Give the participants a paper map with the course.

5. Now the preparations are done and the participants can download the course (see ‘Event/Participate in an event’).

The training event does not necessarily have to occur at a specific time or day, but can be stretched in time like ‘course of the month’.