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  1. I cannot find the directory ‘gpsorienteering/maps’ on the smartphone.
    Some smartphones (for example Nexus 5 and Sony XPeria) do not perform a scan of the flash memory/SD-card when they are connected to a PC and therefore not all new directories and files will be shown in Windows file explorer. Turn off and restart the smartphone or run an app (for example ‘Rescan SD’) to force a ‘media scanning’, that will update the list of directories and files on the smartphone.
  2. I cannot find the functions ‘Download public map’, ‘Create new course’, ‘Download course’, ‘Show track on map’ etc.
    Many features are available in the option menus. You can access these by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on the smartphone. Menu button is a standard button on the smartphone (like the ‘back’ button). On some phones, this is a physical button, and on others it’s a ‘touch’ button. Some models (e.g. Galxy S5) has hidden it in the same key as the ‘multi-tasking’ button, and then you have to hold the button for a while for the menu to appear.
  3. How to use an external Bluetooth GPS?
    You can use an external Bluetooth GPS (for example Garmin GLO) to increase the accuracy of the location and get increased battery life-time.Follow the steps below (steps a to c are only needed the first time for setting up the system):
    a) Pair the external Bluetooth GPS with your smartphone according to the instructions for the Bluetooth GPS device.
    b) Download the ‘Bluetooth GPS’ app.
    c) Start the ‘Bluetooth GPS’-app and tick ‘Enable Mock GPS Provider’. Press ‘Allow mock locations’, ’Select mock location app’  or similar (depends on your smartphone). Select ‘Bluetooth GPS’, if asked for.
    d) Tick ‘Enable Mock GPS Provider’ again, select your paired GPS device and press ‘Connect’ while your GPS device is on. The GPS device will now be connected to your smartphone and report locations as soon as the GPS satellites are fixed.
    e) Start the ‘GPS Orienteering’ app and start your race. The external GPS will now be used for locations.