Welcome to GPS Orienteering!

GPS Orienteering is the app for all of you enjoying orienteering. The main purpose of the app is that you shall be able practice orienteering in an efficient way without having to set out control points. This is done by using the integrated GPS in the smartphone to decide if you have reached a control point. You draw the course the course in the smartphone, run the course and evaluate the race using this smartphone app!

The app supports both standard orienteering and rogaining.

The app also has very good support for arranging training events, if you train with others. One person draws the course and uploads it to the server and the other participants can download the course, run it and upload their result. Then everyone can download the results and compare leg times, choice of route etc or see the results on the web.

The full version of the app is required to create courses and arrange events. The full version is available on Android.
To participate in an event you can use either the full version or the free Gps Orienteering Run-version. Gps Orienteering Run is available for both Android and iPhone.